The extraordinary pianist, Ilya Friedberg, performing my commissioned contribution to his: (Bach) Variations Project.

Music and visuals by Nicholas Hubbell

Drawing (composed in 2018 - duration: ca 9:00) is scored for string quartet and flute. It's inspiration comes from the world of pencil, crayon and ink, as they respectively make their mark on paper, and create intricate textures and lines. It is a world where Cy Twombly, Keith Herring, elementary school crayon drawings, Hiroshige, and cave paintings from thousands of years ago, coexist, dancing, singing and meditating together.

Arts at the Armory, Somerville, MA - 22 APR, 2017 Boston New Music Initiative, Deirdre Viau, flute Nicholas Hubbell, composer
Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art John R. Beck - marimba Jim Douglas - piano Nicholas Hubbell - composer